Founded by Trevor Elison, it is one of the hangout spots for Trevor, Eli and Gage. Located on the edge of the beach the quicksand sinks you into the pit. Trevor built his own way out by using his Aerokinesis to blow people out of the quicksand, so don't worry about getting stuck. Very few people now the whereabouts of this place.

It is fully equipped with every video game system, including GamerActive (made by Pear), every type of food, and plenty of televisions sets, all above 72 inches. It has armor, weapons and other things in case of a camp war, sort of like The Bunker. Basically, it is like the next best hangout spot behind the Gage Cave. It also has Gage's signature Food Serving System. Refridgerators to hold food and plenty of storage space. Cabinetsare there too for extra storage space, because Trevor keeps some of his stuff in this place.

It also has other rooms down below and even has a 2nd floor. The Quicksand Pit opening is very small, but below it is very wide. So there is plenty to do and in several different rooms. It is almost like an underground home. Overall, the place is pretty sweet and you really never get bored because there is so much to do. The rooms all have different things, so you just travel from room to room and enjoy yourself everywhere you go.