The Gage Cave is Gage Isaacson's secret hangout spot under Hephaestus' Cabin.

How to Get ThereEdit

To get into the Gage cave you must:

  1. Get permission from Gage Isaacson.
  2. Go to his bed in his cabin
  3. Hit a few switches
  4. Take retina and fingerprint tests, you will be hurled out of the room if Gage hadn't gave you security clearance.
  5. Go down into it and join the fun!!!


The Gage Cave has many awesome things that it comes equipped with, including:

  • Soundproof walls and ceiling to not wake other campers at night parties (Nobody knows what's going on up in the cabin)
  • Food/drink panel that gives you whatever you want immediately by asking it of a certain restaurant or brand
  • Surround Sound stereo system
  • 80" plasma screen LCD TV with netflix, DVR, and DirecTV and their NFL sunday season ticket
  • 6 other small 30" TVs around the room
  • Hidden shelves of technology including iPads, iPhones and laptops
  • A disco ball and dance floor

The Dionysus Cabin would be jealous and they don't know yet. Don't tell them unless you would like to get your buttocks seared off by Gage using his Pyrokinesis. He will do it too. IT HURTS!