An example of a weapon, which come in handy on quests.

Quests help to make the camp better, help Olympus, or just kill monsters that deserve it. There have been many quests in the past. Quests always have three demigods on them, unless a Satyr, Nymph, Centaur or Cyclopes goes along, which happens occasionally. Gage Isaacson has gone on the most quests, with 4 to his name. Trevor and Eli are the people who have gone on 3 quests.

Just as Camp Half-Blood uses pegasi, we use dragons. They are very useful in defense as well as traveling. They can fly at mind-boggling speeds. However, we also use pegasi and hippocampi, depending on the quest.

When a quest comes up, people are always anxious to find out who is going. Usually quests are given out after the Oracle makes a prediction. Then 3 people are chosen to go. The quests hardly ever result in failure.