Lake Demigod

Naiads live here.

Nymphs live in the forest, river, lake, and Gulf. We have many types of nymphs, including:
  • Dryads, tree nymphs
  • Oceanids, salt water body nymphs
  • Naiads, freshwater nymphs
  • Aurae, breeze nymphs (friendly with wind cabins)
  • Oreads, mountain nymphs (friendly with the Khione Cabin)
  • Auloniads, valley nymphs
  • Pagae, spring nymphs
  • Napaeae, glen and grotto nymphs

Nymphs don't participate in many activities and are pretty kept to themselves especially the Oreads and Auloniads which live farther away, near the western boundary of camp, in the mountains.