It's inconspicuous form.

This is Gage Isaacson's weapon of choice. It is sword, hammer, axe, spear, shield, mace, staff, pike, buckler, bow and arrows, trident, net, javelin, lance, knife, dagger, sickle, scythe, falchion, curved sword, double dagger, and crossbow and bolts all in one. All Gage does is say the word of what kind of weapon he wants, and it transforms into that weapon. He has two of them so that he can fight with multiple styles, like a sword with a dagger. They also transform into coins or watches for easy carrying. They are awesome weapons that only he uses. He does not share them because he made them. Gage presets it to a specific metal before saying the weapon. The three metals the weapons can all be made of are Majesterial Silver, Lunar Platinum, and Solar Copper. It can also be a Machine-Bow, a machine gun that shoots arrows!